Why and when to use static classes and methods

A friend asked me a question, a while ago, stating: Hey Jan, One stupid question around which I have thought a lot and often get stuck while deciding. When to make a function static/non-static specifically the helpers or utility ones. I read 2 arguments All the functions that don’t need to use a state of the object, (don’t update any variable value of the object ) should be static. All the functions that should/can be test independently and have some logic. Read more →

Using Key Vault references with Azure App Configuration

When working in Azure, storing secrets in Key Vault is a good idea. And to make it better, there’s the Key Vault Reference notation. This feature makes sure no one can read the secret(s) unless someone grants permission. For storing configuration, values a different service is available, called Azure App Configuration. Both services are excellent for storing & sharing the values of your cloud services. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to combine the two? Read more →