Mounting a VMWare disk in Windows

As of late I’ve started using the VMWare products for virtualizing my development environments again as a replacement for Hyper-V. Today I wanted to access some files of my virtual machine on the host in order to write a blog post on some code I had saved in there. The VMWare disk files are stored as a VMDK file and it’s not possible to mount these type of files in Windows like a VHD file. Read more →

Running OSX Lion on Windows with VMWare Workstation

I finally succeeded in setting up a VM with OSX Lion installed. Setting up an OSX environment in any VM tool has always been hard, but since Apple has decided to build for the x86 platform it has gotten a lot easier. In the past couple of years I’ve tried to set up an Apple VM, but never really succeeded in it. Today I decided to try again. Apparently there are a lot of torrents out there containing OSX VM’s, so I’ve downloaded one of them to try out the OS. Read more →

VMWare Network Configuration en VMWare Player 3.0

Waar ik eerst bijna altijd VMWare Workstation gebruikte, ben ik nu genoodzaakt om toch vaak VMWare Player te installeren. Op zich geen probleem, aangezien VMWare Player tegenwoordig voldoende toereikend is waar ik het voor wil gebruiken (namelijk draaien van ontwikkel images). Hier heb ik momenteel nog niet echt perse de extra features van Workstation voor nodig. Nu heb ik bij een klant waar ik zit alleen toegang tot het draadloze netwerk. Read more →