Running Pi-hole locally using Docker

I was at the office a couple of weeks back, browsed some of my favorite news sites, and was shocked by what I saw. Ads, ads everywhere! At home, I’ve been running Pi-hole on my Synology NAS in a container for months now. I hardly see any (annoying) advertisements on any of my devices because of this. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind seeing a couple of relevant ads. Read more →

Using Key Vault references with Azure App Configuration

When working in Azure, storing secrets in Key Vault is a good idea. And to make it better, there’s the Key Vault Reference notation. This feature makes sure no one can read the secret(s) unless someone grants permission. For storing configuration, values a different service is available, called Azure App Configuration. Both services are excellent for storing & sharing the values of your cloud services. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to combine the two? Read more →

Feeling better and getting started again

It has been quite a while since I’ve sat behind my computer. The reason for it? Well, I’ve had a bad case of a bacteria infection. This infection started sometime early in January. A couple of days later, I was in the hospital, where the doctors diagnosed me with the infection. It was so severe; they had to perform surgery on my left arm immediately to cleanse it. Of course, I also needed lots and lots of antibiotics to get rid of the bacteria. Read more →

Reflect and Looking Forward in 2021

It’s the time of the year when you see lots of bloggers & content creators making a post, video, or something else to reflect on the past year and make predictions for the next. Well, this year, I’m one of them! We all know a lot of stuff has happened in the past year. I’m trying to keep a positive mind and not focus too much on life’s negative things. Focussing on the good things in life makes me much happier and energetic. Read more →

My bearer token is, but I need it to be

I’m busy locking down my web applications in Azure and using my learnings on the day job. One way to do this is by making sure all requests are authenticated, and roles are granted accordingly. Using the correct issuer While checking out the token, I found the issuer (iss) contains the following value[tenantid]/. { "aud": "f4c42c68-c881-4320-815c-1ca4f32cb6c5", "iss": "[tenantid]/", "iat": 1605812881, // all other properties of your token } The issuer is valid, but not the one I was expecting. Read more →