Use multiple GitHub accounts a single machine

It so happens a lot of people are mixing their work- and personal development machines, especially when doing side projects in their spare time which are somewhat work-related. At least, this is the case for me as I’m using GitHub both for work & personal stuff nowadays. On my personal machine, I’ve set up Git to work with my personal e-mail address & SSH keys. On my work machine, I’ve set it up to run with my work account. Read more →

Manage Azure Container Instances in Azure Functions based on running pipelines in Azure DevOps

In my previous post, I wrote how to create & host private build agents for Azure DevOps running in Azure Container Instances. One of the reasons for doing so is to eliminate creating build agent VM’s and performant pipelines for my side projects. But, of course, the build agents also need to be as cheap as possible. Azure Container Instances have per-second billing, which is excellent for build agent containers. Read more →

Create a private build agent using Azure Container Instances

I’ve been complaining for a while about how slow the hosted build agent in Azure DevOps is. The reason for this is simple, as it’s a shared, free, hosted agent. A solution for this is to host your agents, for example, via a virtual machine. I’m not a big fan of maintaining virtual machines, and then it struck me that we now have containers that are sort of the same but easier to manage. Read more →

Running Pi-hole locally using Docker

I was at the office a couple of weeks back, browsed some of my favorite news sites, and was shocked by what I saw. Ads, ads everywhere! At home, I’ve been running Pi-hole on my Synology NAS in a container for months now. I hardly see any (annoying) advertisements on any of my devices because of this. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind seeing a couple of relevant ads. Read more →

Using Key Vault references with Azure App Configuration

When working in Azure, storing secrets in Key Vault is a good idea. And to make it better, there’s the Key Vault Reference notation. This feature makes sure no one can read the secret(s) unless someone grants permission. For storing configuration, values a different service is available, called Azure App Configuration. Both services are excellent for storing & sharing the values of your cloud services. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to combine the two? Read more →