Create a Power Query custom connector using your own identity to access resources

If you’ve read my previous post on how to create a Power Query custom connector with authentication, you might be wondering if the same can be achieved by using your own identity instead of a service principal being used. The answer is: YES! There are a couple of resources that I found helpful, but didn’t provide me with a complete answer, but did help me get to a solution. These are the ones I used as a reference: Read more →

Create a Power Query custom connector with authentication

For a while we have been creating Power BI reports retrieving data from our API. This works quite nice, but our API has OAuth2 authentication & authorization in place. So far, we added a manually created access token to the data source and updated it on a regular basis. While this works, it’s not a very solid approach. I figured we can (and should) do better so decided to investigate a bit on the topic. Read more →