Sharing an Outlook ICS file with your friends

Normally when you are creating new appointments via Outlook in your organization you are inviting everyone who should join the meeting. This works quite alright, but not something I wanted to do for a couple of meetings I am planning. The meetings I’m organizing are optional to everyone inside the company, therefore I don’t want to spam the inbox of everyone with a meeting most of them (probably around 95%) aren’t interested in. Read more →

Using ligatures in your IDE

A couple of days ago I read a very cool blog post by Scott Hanselman about Monospaced Programming Fonts with Ligatures. I had never heard about the word ligatures, but he explains it quite well. They are ‘characters’ which are made up by combining multiple individual characters as one. Apparently this is quite common in the Arabic languages. Well, no matter, the thing that does matter is the fact you can use this inside your development environment also! Read more →

Connecting to a Git server on your Windows machine

The past couple of days I’ve had the pleasure to start using a Git server as the new version control system at my customer. I’ve already had the pleasure to use GitHub and BitBucket in the past, which works like a charm with tools like GitHub for Windows and SourceTree. Because I’m used to using these tools, I really wanted to use them on my day job also. Because we chose to use SSH keys as a validation mechanism I had to create one. Read more →

Running commands as Administrator in Windows

There are some cool features available in Linux. In an earlier post I already mentioned the apt-get functionality which is now also offered in Windows via Chocolatey. One of the other cool features is being able to execute something in the terminal as an Administrator by specifying sudo in the command. Lucky for us Windows people, someone has created a tool which is able to do something similar as the Linux sudo-command. Read more →

Chocolatey introduction

Even though the Windows operating system is one of the best in my opinion, there are always something which is only available in a different OS. For example the apt-get functionality in Linux. I don’t know how this works exactly, but from my basic understanding it’s some kind of repository with a lot of software and libraries which you can download to your device by typing something like the following in a terminal window: Read more →