IPv4 properties of VPN connection does not work

While I was setting up a VPN connection to my Azure Virtual Network I wanted to uncheck the option to use the Default Gateway of the connected network. Normally you'd do this by clicking on the Properties button of the selected protocol. However, there appears to be a bug in Windows 10 and VPN connections for this button which causes the Properties window not to appear. I have solved this with the help of Todorovic Dragan's post about this matter. Read more →

Setting up a VPN connection to an Azure Virtual Network

One of the reasons for me to create an Azure virtual network is being able to connect to my development machines in the Cloud from anywhere, without exposing them to the public. In order to do so, all machines have to be added to the virtual network. You also have to select the option to set up a point-to-site VPN connection to the virtual network. Setting up a point-to-site VPN connection to an Azure virtual network is documented quite well on the Azure documentation pages. Read more →

Creating an Azure Virtual Network

Nowadays it's possible to create virtual networks within your Azure subscription. This can be very useful for managing your Azure resources within a specific network or setting up a point-to-site or site-to-site connection to expand your current on-premise network. To me creating a virtual network sounds like a great way to manage my virtual machines and services for development purposes which I'm running within Azure. It will also let me connect to them without exposing stuff to the public internet. Read more →

Firewall blocks almost everything, can't do development work

Sometimes you're hired by a company which is a bit rigorous on blocking outgoing communication. A security consultant would probably agree on this practice, but most developers won't. Nowadays a lot of services in the cloud operate on different ports. Azure services don't always operate on port 80 and 443, hosted noSQL providers have connection strings with (seemingly) random ports, etc. It's not always easy to get approval to open ports in the company firewall, especially if you're doing some tests and proof of concept projects. Read more →