Static Site With Azure Cdn and Cloudflare

In my last post, I described how to create a Hugo website and what I did to migrate from my Miniblog platform, along with some details on how to create the build & deployment pipeline. I started by deploying my Hugo websites to a regular Azure App Service. This is a full-blown web application platform. It’s a bit too overpowered for hosting a simple, static, website. As I mentioned in the earlier post, it makes a lot more sense to host static websites on an Azure Storage Account with the Static website hosting. Read more →

Doing your DevOps stuff with Azure Functions instead of Logic Apps

So, a couple of weeks back I wrote about leveraging the power of Logic Apps to retrieve Alerts from within your Azure ecosystem and send them to Microsoft Teams. This works great and a fellow Azure MVP, Tom Kerkhove, has enhanced the Logic Apps Template when handling Azure Monitor events.I’m starting to become a pretty big van of Logic Apps, but there are some (obvious) downsides to it. First, they live inside your Azure Portal. Read more →