Securing Your App Service with a Vnet

My last post was on integrating your Azure App Service with a virtual network (VNet). This post is the other way around. It’s on how to put your App Service in a VNet, or rather, behind a VNet. If you want to put your Azure App Service inside a VNet, you’ll have to look for the App Service Environment (ASE). This is an offering of dedicated machines that are placed inside a VNet and you’re paying a rather hefty fee for this. Read more →

Vnet Integration for Your App Service

It’s always a good idea to secure the resources in your Azure subscriptions. One way to do this is by using virtual networks. In a lot of cases, you will put SQL Azure servers, storage accounts and, other services in a virtual network. This will make sure the services can’t be accessed from the public internet unless you explicitly say so. There are many more advantages to putting services in a virtual network, which I won’t be covering in this post. Read more →

Deploying Azure Functions on a Linux Service Plan

Some time ago, about 7 months, I had to build a service that creates a PDF document from HTML. The library of choice was IronPDF. Creating PDF documents with this library is a breeze, but we stumbled across a small issue. The HTML-to-PDF-converter-service is hosted inside an Azure Function, for reasons. We noticed creating the documents took quite a lot of time. After inspecting the allocated instances we discovered both the CPU and Memory were constantly spiking to maximum capacity. Read more →

Use the Copy function to deploy multiple resources after each other

A while ago I was confronted with the fact one of our Azure App Services needed multiple hostname bindings. I was planning to do this by making multiple Microsoft.Web/sites/hostNameBindings resources, for this specific App Service, in our ARM template. When deploying I was confronted with the following error { "ErrorEntity": { "Code": "Conflict", "Message": "Cannot modify this site because another operation is in progress. [some more details]", "ExtendedCode": "59203", "MessageTemplate": "Cannot modify this site because another operation is in progress. Read more →

Creating an Event Grid Topic subscription to a resource in a different resource group

With all of the great services in Azure, it’s easy to set up a nice event-driven architecture. You have Storage Queues, Service Bus Queues & Topics, Event Grid and even more services which can help you accomplish great stuff. I like the three services mentioned here and most of the time they cover the basics of my messaging infrastructure. One thing you need to do yourself is think about the boundaries of your domains and how to organize all of the services. Read more →