It's a brand new year!

A new year has started, so it's time to reflect and think of what we'll be doing the rest of this new year.

2017 has been a great year for me, not only from a technical point of view, but also personally.

First of all, I have had the chance to be an amazing dad for our son. Being a dad is the best thing one can imagine. Seeing the joy in your child's eyes whenever you get home and seeing him grow up so quickly is just amazing! 2017 is also the year we got blessed by being pregnant again! We are expecting our second kid any day now. Both of these things are probably the biggest highlights of the year. Of course, we also moved between houses, just in time for our baby to get born in the new house. Really looking forward to this event!

As I said, 2017 also was a great year for my professional life. First of all I've had to chance to speak at a 4DotNet event early in the year and a couple of months later I was picked to deliver 2 sessions at the TechDays Netherlands. Aside from these two big events I also talked a couple of times at some smaller user groups and companies.

I've also started at a project from an existing customer of us. This project is being developed completely with the Azure stack and most of the time we have the chance to develop our solutions with the latest and greatest technologies Azure has to offer.

My personal focus has been in the serverless space. Azure Functions are just amazing and you've probably seen quite a bit of blog posts on the subject over here.

Hopefully this year, 2018, will be just as amazing as the past. Of course, we are expecting our baby any day now. I'm pretty sure this will be the biggest highlight of the year.

Professionally I'll continue to focus on the serverless technologies like Azure Functions and Cosmos DB. This means you can expect even more blog posts on these subjects. I'm also planning to do a lot more talks on these subjects. So if you have an event and are in need of speakers, or would like me to talk on serverless technologies at your company, feel free to contact me.

Well, that's enough reflection and future-telling for me.

What are your own plans this year? I really hope all of them will come true.


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