ForeFront TMG does not work after Windows Updates (Internet Explorer 9.0)

A few weeks ago I was finally able to install some updates on my ForeFront TMG server, so I installed SP1 of Windows Server 2008R2, all other updates and Internet Explorer 9.0. After noticing my internet connection didn’t work anymore I logged in on the server and wanted to check what was wrong using the Management Console.

This is when I noticed the ForeFront TMG Management Console didn’t work anymore. Every treenode I selected resulted in an alert message stating ‘Member not Found’, ‘Refresh failed’, etc.

At times like this you wish you had created a backup of the server, before you updated it.

Lucky for me I was able to go to the internet with a direct line on my router and search for a solution. Because these updates were long overdue, someone must have had the same issue as me. This is one of the reasons I don’t like working with new/beta software of area’s I don’t know much about. I know a thing or two about managing a Microsoft network, but most things are magic to me.

An answer to my problem could be found on the ForeFront Technet forums of Microsoft.

To fix the issue you need to edit some file/html of ForeFront which resided on your local filesystem. The file which needs to be edited is: “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway\UI_HTMLs\TabsHandler\”. Open this file using Notepad as an Administrator.

Now search for the lines which contain the text “paddingTop” in them, these (3?) lines reside in some JavaScript blocks and you need to comment them out. You can do this by placing two slashes (//) at the front of the line.

Example: Change the line:

_m_aPages [niPage] = ((m_nBoostUp < 0) ? -m_nBoostUp : 0) ;


_// m_aPages [niPage] = ((m_nBoostUp < 0) ? -m_nBoostUp : 0) ;_

Now, save the file and re-open the ForeFront TMG Management Console.

You’ll be able to navigate in the console again and do your modifications.


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