App Service Resource Provider Access to Keyvault

Recently, I was trying to deploy an Azure App Service which was in need for a couple of certificates, which are stored in Azure Key Vault. Our ARM template looked very similar to the one below in order to install & configure the certificates in our App Service. "resources": [ { "type": "Microsoft.Web/certificates", "name": "[parameters('certificateName')]", "apiVersion": "2019-08-01", "location": "[parameters('existingAppLocation')]", "properties": { "keyVaultId": "[parameters('existingKeyVaultId')]", "keyVaultSecretName": "[parameters('existingKeyVaultSecretName')]", "serverFarmId": "[parameters('existingServerFarmId')]" } }, { "type": "Microsoft. Read more →

Static Site With Azure Cdn and Cloudflare

In my last post, I described how to create a Hugo website and what I did to migrate from my Miniblog platform, along with some details on how to create the build & deployment pipeline. I started by deploying my Hugo websites to a regular Azure App Service. This is a full-blown web application platform. It’s a bit too overpowered for hosting a simple, static, website. As I mentioned in the earlier post, it makes a lot more sense to host static websites on an Azure Storage Account with the Static website hosting. Read more →

Migrated to Hugo

I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, move my blog from Miniblog to a different platform. The most obvious choice would be migrating to Miniblog.Core, however, there are a couple of features missing (like themes) and Open Live Writer isn’t a very modern tool for blogging anymore. Of course, both of them are open source, so I could spend a lot of time fixing the issues. But as with most of us, our schedule is already packed with a lot of other side-projects. Read more →

Using an Azure Managed Identity to authenticate on a different App Service

A couple of weeks ago, I was tasked to implement authentication between the services we have in our Azure landscape. I knew this can be done by using the Managed Identity, as we were doing this on a project I was involved with in the past. However, I had never actually done this myself. Most of the time the System Administrators were configuring everything and I just had to copy-paste some Guids in a configuration file. Read more →

Deploying your ARM template with linked templates from your local machine

Any now and then you have to make some major changes to the ARM templates of the project you’re working from. While this isn’t hard to do, it can become quite a time-intensive if you have to wait for the build/deployment server to pick up the changes and the actual deployment itself. A faster way to test your changes is by using PowerShell or the Azure CLI to deploy your templates and see what happens. Read more →